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Glass Class Window Film Benefits

• Save Money - By rejecting up to 77% of solar heat at the window, air conditioning systems will work less to cool your home or business; HVAC maintenance costs decrease and A/C system life increases.
• Less expensive glass for windows - Use readily available clear glass in new construction, maintain architectural elements, and enhance heat, glare, and UV rejection at a much lower cost.
• Improve Comfort - Reducing temperature swings with more consistent temperatures near the windows and in back rooms means a more comfortable home and productive work environment.
• Harvest the Light - The proper solar film selection can avoid additional artificial lighting needs.
Cool & clear solar films reduce glass heat transmission while letting in over 70% of the light.
• Improve Visibility - Because certain films cut reflection and glare, visibility of computer monitors, television and presentation screens in the home or business are improved.
• Improved Views - No blinds, curtains, or shades needed with a high performing solar film.
• Improve Safety - Solar window film will hold sharp broken glass in place reducing chances of injury.
• Reduce UV Exposure - Eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays that can damage fabrics, wood, and your skin.

Glass Class Uses V-Kool Window Film - So What is V-Kool?

1. V-Kool is a thin film technology that harvests the daylight
while making your glass perform
2. An independent rating council for the glass industry (NFRC) has
given V-Kool the highest rating for clear film on glass because V-Kool
lets the light in while blocking the heat (LE).
3. Replacing windows is not cost efficient or green. Retrofitting your
windows with V-Kool is just as efficient as replacement windows
and our installation time is hours compared to weeks.
4. V-Kool is an Energy Star Partner.
5. V-Kool also provides UV and security protection.

Glass Class only uses top rated Window Films that best address client needs.

A Delaware based company that also provides services in Maryland, Glass Class provides Window Film Benefits through superior service, by utilizing the worlds highest quality window film at the lowest price. Glass Class has delivered superior Window Film Benefits for over 25 years. Use our Contact Us page to let us know how we might be of service.

If you are an existing client, let us know how well we deliver the Window Film Benefits promised. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions

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